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Enjoy incredible and inspiring guest speakers throughout the month of May 2019.

Anthropocene 2019 Art Exhibition

May 4-26

Alexander Hall

668 Indian Street

Savannah GA 31401

May 8             

6-7pm              Clark Alexander presents “A Rising Tide Floods All Coasts – Sea Level Rise in Coastal Georgia.” 

                         Rob Sutter presents “Collaborative Solutions to Rising Sea Levels” 

May 10            Opening Reception

5-9pm              View Exhibition of 150 works by 60 artists

                         Music by Draucker

                         Food Trucks

6pm                 “Anthropocene” poem read by Rachel Sandene

6:15pm             Keynote Speaker and Artist Lisa Lebofsky presents “Landscape and Climate Change in Art”

6:45pm.            Architect Student Alec Burran discusses his future plans for "Savannah 2024"

7pm                  Panel Discussion on “Sea Level Rise” with Environmental Scientists Clarke Alexander, Rob Sutter                          and Randy Tate and Architect Alec Burran. 

May 15           

6-7pm             Alan Kindler, Savannah based oil painting presents his painting “Mother is the Invention of


May 17           

6-7pm             Randy Tate, natural resource conservationist of thirty years will present the management of the

                           diminishing longleaf pine ecosystem and its importance to the changing natural world. 

May 22           

6-7pm             Kristy Burja, Education and Youth Programs Coordinator at One Hundred Miles (OMH).                                                     presents “Taking Action for Our Coast.”  ROOM 203 INSTEAD OF ROOM 108

May 24             

6-7pm              Lind Hollingsworth, mixed media specialist presents artwork informed by ecology and art history. 

                            Paula Eubanks discuses her use of color digitally enhanced prints in her recent work depicting the

                            potential effect of climate change and sea level rise on the historic buildings of coastal Georgia.             

*** Start in Room 108 and then walk/talk to the artists' work upstairs.

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